04 June 2008

Man, You 'Aint Seen Nothing

Image Credit: Stephen Voss

Okay, now the fun begins, sir. If you think that what the Clinton's and the Red State smear machine did to you during primary season was bad, then Mr. Obama, you are in for a big shock. I'm hoping that this is what Axelrod has been chanting in your ear for many months. For months, Karl Rove has declared repeatedly that he will "dismantle" you and your "Hopemongers".

Better get your head around some things fast: The economy, immigration, the Ass-Hat fanatics in Tehran, a fatally flawed gun control position, these are the issues by which your fortunes will rise and fall, and it could happen over night. They will strike fear into the extremist Neo-Peckerwoods, who besides being racist and white-supremacists, traditionally vote against their best interests when told they are under siege, and are instant votes in the bag with a a good dose of false TV ads. Just with the Neo-Peckerwood, the Evangelical Zealots will be on you like a cheap suit. It is also certain that the Jewish people need to be convinced that you will consider the Persians a bigger threat than you seem to be willing to acknowledge, and that Tehran's funding of Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, among others is not merely "community building." I know that's just a little of it, but finally, get out front with anything scandalous, just like you did with the Toot. And please, be careful.

btw, Stephen Voss, is a Badass. I'm partly fond of him because he lived and worked in Kentucky before moving to DC, where he now competes head to head with someone I am not too fond of, and whose-ass-he-kicks-royally. And he's a Lightstalker.
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