03 June 2008

An Animal to be Taken Seriously


Say hello to Bevo. And all that's standing between you and him is that little bitty wire fence. Fortunately he was friendly.


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Hillbilly said...

I have fond memories of gentleman like this, (sans Longhorn, and Black Angus), not being too happy about young adolescent boys traipsing thru their pastures.

Syd said...

And this guy was intact -- a bull. When he walked up to the fence to visit we both had some serious anxiety. But, his attitude was something like a puppy. He seemed genuinely glad to see us, that someone had taken an interest in him.

Hillbilly said...

Funny, that. I wonder if Longhorns have a different disposition. All I know, is that Angus Bulls are mean, and they are usually separated most of the time. This friend of mine knocked down more than one fence, as I remember. I was finally told not to even go into an adjoining pasture, especially during estrus time.

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