03 June 2008

What Happened

Here's what happened: "There are Weapons Of Mass Destruction, Saddam meets regularly with Bin Laden, and is trying to secure Plutonium from Niger." "Oh, BTW, Valerie Plame is a dirty little CIA Slut." "I Swear."(2003)

Now, admitted liar, sycophant, hypocrite, war profiteer and former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan, has written a cool little book, What Happened, in which he blames everyone else for the lies leading up to the Iraq War, and claiming to be duped. Now this book will probably sell in double-digit millions of copies worldwide, making this Little Man a wildly large fortune. He is currently on book tour, and was spotted Sunday morning on The Mr. MaGoo Show. Now, after a TV ad funded by, and a petition also signed by thousands of " Left-Wing-Radical-Anti-War-Zealots" was circulated demanding the Little Man give his book royalties to American vets and their families, Mr. MaGoo, asked the Little Man about it. The Little Man stammered, and said that he and his wife always looked for ways to support the troops , "like sending care packages", and the like, and yes, maybe, I don't know, a portion, maybe. FIve years too late, my boy. The man should think carefully about his itinerary, when he goes abroad to spend those many millions from his tell-all.

I'm going back to my Happy Place now.
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