25 October 2009

Flea Market Porn

Flea Market Porn  0005

1950s fiberglass/found
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Iris And Jean

10.09ND.179 Iris and Jean

found/photographer unknown
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20 October 2009

Found Freehand Sketches, Florida


Found tucked away in an album of photos I found this weekend. Most look to be free hand drawings of comic book characters, from Steve Canyon, and the like. I like the nude, and 'Smiling Jack'.

found/artist unknown

UDPATE: It appears that this person worked for the city of St. Augustine for a while, as I found that one of these drawings was done on the back of a city petty cash slip. I have personnel records from the Selective Service division in FL in the same scrapbook, but I can't be sure it's the same person.
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19 October 2009

But then artists have violated terms for centuries, and collecting is an art.

(...)It seems the web isn't ready for photographs of women in undress, unless they say nothing about the history of photography, society or culture.

The collector was, and is, proud of the collection. Each was selected and purchased over the years for a specific reason and to make a specific point about humanity, sexual identity, the role and function of shame in our society, the relationship between men and women, photographer and subject, voyeur and exhibitionist, humor and tragedy, choice and coercion and much more.(...)

(...) "But then artists have violated terms for centuries, and collecting is an art."

Jim Linderman, on the censoring of his blog by Google.
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14 October 2009

Musings On The Present Current Future Of Photgraphic Images

"Archiving is a natural thing, I suppose, as is arranging, organizing and documenting. Various content sites such as flickr and a million plus blogs are growing faster than American's waistlines. There is a tendency for humans to share just as there is a tendency for birds to crow. What is usually missed, however, is that social websites have basically created an entire population of content providers, none of whom get paid one penny. In fact, some pay for the privilege. Every image loaded becomes public property of a sort, but it also becomes fodder for search engines to use, manipulate and market. As computerized digital recognition becomes more and more sophisticated, one will be able to specify any characteristic in an image and retrieve it in micro-seconds. "Let's find 50 images which look EXACTLY like Aunt Gertie!" I'm not kidding one bit. (One might also specify a search parameter to find models with their faces obliterated by too much incandescent light, as above) It should give one pause...me? I don't care as I usually retain the originals, and there will always be someone interested in physical objects (at least I think there will). I am also interested in how things age and fall apart more than how they are maintained and preserved. But if you treasure a photo, drawing, painting or doodle with unique characteristics of any kind, you might think about uploading it into the universal brain."

--Jim Linderman [Who makes us all look a little puny]

Untitled (Photographer) Snapshot, c. 1940 Collection Jim Linderman

And so it goes.
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12 October 2009

A Rustic Musician

One of my flickr contacts, josefnovak, made this gif of the stereoview i posted last night. cool.
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06 October 2009

K-9 Inc. Training School

10.09ND.041  K-9
That's a very good dog.

found/photographer unknown
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05 October 2009


In 1990, the United States Congress designated the first week of October Mental Illness Awareness Week (MIAW). They did so to allow supporters and advocates a specific time frame to bring their concerns to light. Educating the public about mental health is an important part of acceptance and benefits those who are not only currently in treatment, but can also encourage others to seek out help for their own benefit.

Mental Illness Awareness Week: October 4–10 (via retropolitics)

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"Little Sister" 1909 [Post Mortem]

10.09ND.036ab Post Mortem

Postmortem, Lynchburg, Tenn.

found/photographer unknown
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