26 June 2009



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A newcomer by the name of "Prince"

"Frankly, I find the obsequious attitude of some members of the White House staff toward Mr. Jackson’s attendants, and the fawning posture they would have the President of the United States adopt, more than a little embarrassing.

It is also important to consider the precedent that would be set by such a letter. In today’s Post there were already reports that some youngsters were turning away from Mr. Jackson in favor of a newcomer who goes by the name “Prince,” and is apparently planning a Washington concert. Will he receive a Presidential letter? How will we decide which performers do and which do not?

Then associate White House counsel, now Supreme Court Justice, John Roberts on Michael Jackson and his relationship with the Reagan White House. (via mikemorrow) (via kellydeal)
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Michael Jackson Meets Ronnie Reagan, White House, 1984

Title: Michael Jackson with President Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan at the White House, Washington D.C., 1984

Published caption: Nancy Reagan looks on as Michael Jackson waves to the big crowd at the White House
Publication: Los Angeles Times
Publication date: May 15, 1984
Subjects: African American musicians
African American singers
Jackson, Michael, 1958-2009
Musicians--United States
Reagan, Nancy, 1923-
Reagan, Ronald, (U.S. President : 1981-1989)
Singers--United States
Washington (D.C.)
Genre: News photographs
Phys. descr.: 1 photograph : b&w negative ; 35 mm.
Source: Los Angeles Times photographic archive, UCLA Library. Copyright Regents of the University of California, UCLA Library.
Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.
Photo ID: uclalat_1429_b1685_300347-2

Los ANgeles Times Photo Archive (UCLA)
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15 June 2009

11 June 2009

Anatomy Of A Horse

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untitled, from the qajar series by shadi ghadrian

The following images are from images via: Saatchi-gallery.co.uk

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Thanks to: billy!

czechbook wrote:

"I further researched this certain artseries and i found this, if you are interested:
"Her Qajar Series (1998-2001) consists of small studio portraits of women dressed in the nineteenth-century Qajar style. Many of the women photographed are Ghadirian's friends and family The backgrounds of these portraits resemble those found in photographic studios of that period. However, the artist has added some modern anomalies or dissonances, such as a mountain bike, a newspaper, or a Pepsi-Cola can. Ghadirian plays with these juxtapositions and contrasts, thus expressing the difficulties women face in Iran today - torn between tradition and the modernity of globalization. These composed portraits depict women unsure to which era they belong."

*what i wouldn't do to see this in person. (hillbilly)

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BeforeCoffee [427]

I saw this for the first time this morning in my new home.

the color file is here.

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09 June 2009

Female Rodeo Performer, Photo By Russell Lee

Girl rodeo performer, San Angelo Fat Stock Show, San Angelo, Texas.

Lee, Russell, 1903- photographer.

1940 Mar.
United States--Texas--Tom Green County--San Angelo.

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05 June 2009

Recent Events Suggest [they] Have Been Driven Mad By Lack Of Power

"(...)To be blunt: recent events suggest that the Republican Party has been driven mad by lack of power. The few remaining moderates have been defeated, have fled, or are being driven out. What’s left is a party whose national committee has just passed a resolution solemnly declaring that Democrats are “dedicated to restructuring American society along socialist ideals,” and released a video comparing Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to Pussy Galore.

And that party still has 40 senators."

Paul Krugman, NYT

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FP-3000B 7

FP-3000B 7
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04 June 2009

The Metrics That Matter

(...)American success in Afghanistan should be measured by “the number of Afghans shielded from violence,” not the number of enemy fighters killed (...)

Lt. Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, President Obama's nominee to be commander of American forces in Afghanistan, testifying before the Senate Armed Services Committee during a confirmation hearing on Tuesday.

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[887] Found/Photographer Unknown

1930s Sibling Portrait #1 [887]

Found/Photographer Unknown
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03 June 2009


FOund/Photographer Unknown

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