11 June 2009

untitled, from the qajar series by shadi ghadrian

The following images are from images via: Saatchi-gallery.co.uk

via: adski_kafateri

Thanks to: billy!

czechbook wrote:

"I further researched this certain artseries and i found this, if you are interested:
"Her Qajar Series (1998-2001) consists of small studio portraits of women dressed in the nineteenth-century Qajar style. Many of the women photographed are Ghadirian's friends and family The backgrounds of these portraits resemble those found in photographic studios of that period. However, the artist has added some modern anomalies or dissonances, such as a mountain bike, a newspaper, or a Pepsi-Cola can. Ghadirian plays with these juxtapositions and contrasts, thus expressing the difficulties women face in Iran today - torn between tradition and the modernity of globalization. These composed portraits depict women unsure to which era they belong."

*what i wouldn't do to see this in person. (hillbilly)

untitled, from the qajar series by shadi ghadrianSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend


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