28 May 2009

Bell Museum: Wolves and Wild Lands In The 21st Century/Photo By Jim Brandenburg

Wolf Spying, Photo by Jim Brandenburg

(via First People.us)

At the Bell Museum, May 23 - October 4, 2009

Exhibit: Wolves and Wild Lands in the 21st Century

"Through real wolf displays and photography by Jim Brandenburg, this provocative exhibit examines conservation issues facing wolves from the Arctic to southeastern United States. Developed by the International Wolf Center in Ely, Minnesota, the exhibit tackles the questions: What can people do to make living with wolves easier? What are the financial and environmental costs of wolf predation on livestock? And will coyotes ultimately win out over wolves in the competition for food and space?
Wolves and Wild Lands Exhibit Walkabout with David Mech
Wednesday, July 22, Noon to 1 p.m.
Free with museum admission
Join internationally recognized wolf researcher David Mech for a personal, close-up tour of the exhibit. Mech, whose appointments include chair of the World Conservation Union's Wolf Specialist Group, senior research scientist with the U.S. Geological Survey and an adjunct professor at the University's Department of Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology, will share stories and insights about one of Minnesota's most fascinating animals."

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Birthday Girl [413]

Birthday Girl low.413

Found/Photographer Unknown


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26 May 2009

Happiness (second)

I am still a little glazed over and euphoric over the reality that I will be living in a space 2 1/2 the size of my current quarters-- Large blank walls, wood floors, pets allowed, *swoon*, etc.

I wanted to post this second picture from the first visit where I was able to get in there and take it all in.

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Hillbilly Christmas, (1975) [867]

Hillbilly Xmas (1975)  [867]

Found. (I'm awfully glad I did), Photographer Unknown

Don't miss it! Visit the entire set over yonder at my flickr.

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24 May 2009

Orange Stealth

Stealth [848]

Found/Photographer Unknown

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19 May 2009

17 May 2009

Alaska Kodachrome-1980s/Photographer Unknown

Early 80s Alaska Kodachrome  [748]

Early 1980s Kodachrome from Alaska. Photographer Unknown.
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The 50-Second Framed Portrait

Photomatic Soldier [761]


Instant Photo by International Mutoscope Corporation Photomat, c. 1940s


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16 May 2009

Beverly Hillbillies (Stars Hall Of Fame, Florida)

Stars Hall Of Fame [Hillbillies756]

As a child, I watched this program religiously. I am not ashamed.

Found/Photographer Unknown
Stars Hall Of Fame (Florida)
Now defunct.
Lost Parks


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Nothing nicer than a giant blank wall, and some soft, available light.

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14 May 2009

13 May 2009


Monroe County, Indiana (1986)
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11 May 2009

New gas-masks for the NSW Fire Brigade, Castlereagh Street headquarters, Sydney, 1927 / Photo By Sam Hood

"Firemen display their latest gasmask at the Fire Brigade's Castlereagh Street headquarters, where popular demonstrations for the public were given on Wednesday afternoons."

Photo by Sam Hood (1927)

via: State Library Of New South Wales

New gas-masks for the NSW Fire Brigade, Castlereagh Street headquarters, Sydney, 1927 / Photo By Sam HoodSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

05 May 2009

Charles Chaplin, c. 1920s Photo By "Witzel"

Charles Chaplin :(  563

Charles Chaplin, RPPC. Photo by "Witzel, LA"

The condition of this made me very sad.

(This is of course, in the 20s, but for accuracy sake, I can say that the postcard paper is AZO, 2-up, 2-down.) (1918-1930)

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Found/Photographer Unknown

From my flickr.

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[626] Photographer Unknown

Giddy-Up [626]hillbilly

Found/Photographer Unknown. 1940s, possibly 30s.

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04 May 2009

Amen Brother.

"I love you guys but

if I unfollow you

[on Tumblr] 

it’s not because

I dislike

you or anything

you say -

it’s because

reading through 16 pages of

posts like this daily is

fucking killing me."

via: Everythinginthesky

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Three Young Dudes [593] (Photographer Unknown)

Found. (Photographer Unknown)

Three Young Dudes 1/6 Plate [593]

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02 May 2009

Anonymous Love

This Is Nobody 1/6 Plate [592]

Found. (Photographer Unknown)
(Double exposure and a little extra touch-up)

Anonymous Love (Ray)

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[Untitled] Photograph By Aoife Giles

via: AoifeJohanna's Flickr

And here: Aoife Giles

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01 May 2009

Uncle Fred's Folly

Trick/Amusement Photograph, Found. (Photographer Unknown)

Olean, NY. c.1910-1917
Uncle Fred's FollySocialTwist Tell-a-Friend
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