09 June 2008

"Quick Louis, Get The Leica!"

It Reads:

“Oh my, look at this! The Sleuth Collection is inspired by 40’s detective films and Louis [sic] Lane from old Superman comics – a mix of intrigue, investigation and intelligence!

This a large necklace – very much real size – but my oh my is it wonderful! It has a fantastic three dimensional effect, but it’s as light as a feather, and comes with an 18” silver plated chain.

All pendants are made of printed and cut acrylic, which is rigid, quite light, and slightly translucent.”


Synchronicity being what it is, I have been up most of the last two nights digging out old artwork from the store, including the handsome Hound you see on yonder coffee mug. I am pulling out all the stops on Zazzle, to help pay a few bills, and perhaps pay off a camera. (As an aside, I think it's unfair to have to try and compete with The Library of Congress.) The stuff you see above is in a collection at Paraphernalia, via our friend Mo. The pieces are made by screening 19th century wood engravings and period anatomical drawings on acrylic, which is then fashioned into the art you see by a woman named Miss Vanda, in Manchester, UK. This is a genius use of the artwork I love, which, btw, Syd and I started applying to cloth and vinyl in 1991. I am obsessed with wood engravings and wood blocks- From Odo and Meijii in Japan, right on up to the mid-20th century in the US. ('Aint Dover been sweet to provide us with millions of copyright free illustrations? I'm not so sure they have Otsu-e or Shunga, but I could be wrong.) Now anyone who would adore this stuff or work with it, has awesome taste. Git on over there if you haven't already. I'm saving up for a couple to hang from my mirror over the dashboard in the car. btw, I'm pretty sure that Louis Lane probably did not carry a Leica.
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