20 June 2008

The Eck Profits Live On

One of the original photos, Before.

The Johnny Eck Museum,has issued a new print of the brothers in young adulthood. I can't show it to you, nor can you see it anywhere, because the gentleman that owns-manages-profits from much of the estate's treasures has not updated his website for a long, long time, and he predictably guards those treasures jealously. I have no real idea what goes on up there, and this guy is not much help, but I do know that painting, airbrushing, Photoshopping, and attempting to Trademark and profit from Johnny Eck's image[s] is at the very least a pretty rotten thing to do. It's one thing to "Curate", "Collect, and "Preserve", it's another to bastardize and profit from your "object of preservation". (there are a number of obvious examples on the site.) And finally, the best treat of it all: Glow in The Dark Ink.

"Here is a copy of the poster: It is on heavy black paper w/ 7 colors. It is a seriograph silkscreen
art print. They are SIGNED and numbered and in an edition of only 56.
Handstand of Johnny in the background is clear matte, the ivy around
the image is GLOW IN THE DARK, the image of Johnny and Robert is sepia
toned and the text is metallic silver. It is roughly 22"x 33"
It is $95"

Did he say SIgned, Glow In The Dark?
Sir, you are disgraceful.
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maud said...

rotten indeed, I agree with you.

Hillbilly said...

Yes. Sigh. (I'm trying to get it out of my system.)

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