17 June 2008


The "First Art-O-Mat in Florida"
Alright. Strange, but cool. I saw this in my art store a couple of days ago, and I'm sure it gets no action there. The rest are in big time art galleries in big cities. The only thing I can think of, is that Clark Whittington, (4-king Genius, and brainchild of the project), placed one here in the beginning. The other irony, is that Art-O-Mat.Org, was founded and resides in Winston-Salem, NC. Home of of a GARGANTUAN cigarette maker. Maybe those acres and acres of despised machines gave him inspiration. Note: Only one of these in Europe. Really, not that many in the states. If you know a gallery owner, or want Clark to Represent for you... Go on then: ART-O-MAT.ORG.
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