23 June 2008


I wish I had a kid, so I could send him proudly wearing this TRUCKER'S HAT, with a t-shirt to match, when his SCHOOL goes on a trip to the Florida State Senate chambers. I wonder if they would use the Taser on him like that kid at the University of Florida a while back.. Read why Florida's Department of Education only recently ruled that Evolution could be taught in Florida SCHOOLS, and why Florida continues to be the laughingstock of the country, HERE.
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maudkristina said...

I give you three monkeys. Yes, those three.

Hillbilly said...

I had to turn to puppies and monkeys because I figure
it's the only way I'll get folks to come and look. Tasteful, old puppies, anyway. :)

Anne said...

And soo timely with mr D's big birthday coming up and everything! :)

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