14 June 2008

What I Seen Last Night

On the way to get my evening Big Gulp™: Sitting on my perch, enjoying the cooler dusk air, I seen ants digging a futile hole to China in the sand, like Sisyphus, only in reverse. Then I seen the lake, rippling gently with the wind. Then I seen a stoplight, and had to wait a long time. Then I seen a woman walking on the sidewalk. As I came closer, she began beating her self in the skull so hard, I thought she might fall over. On the way home, I seen a Great Blue Heron sitting serenely at the edge of the lake savoring a bit of fish. Then I seen my house. I was glad to get home.

Non-Fiction, Tales From The Big Gulp™.
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m_b_larsson said...

yo, Hill-B-Dylan, it really is all about the mercury :D

Hillbilly said...

yep. and until Retrograde completed on nineteenth,
I am locked in an empty room alone. tonight, I fried the keyboard on my Mac. many key gone away. No one know what happen next. Maybe I ... no, better not. C-you after 9-Teen. Yhe ky i red. KLOOT only
Calvation. thank You. Anne: end good thought.

maudkristina said...

OH NO! POOR POOR MR MAC. The ole trickery trickster with his trickery! Gemini-keyboard-healing will come from the stars post-19. Kloot will help too.

Hillbilly said...

bad juju, 8yo laptop... crewed be may.

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