22 June 2008

Finishing My Thought

Forgive me for seeming redundant, but I have to go ahead and finish this tangential thought. If I don't, it'll bounce around in my head for several days, and cause a lot of confusion.

Firstly, I wondered out loud if maybe this was one of the few pictures where Johnny betrayed his true feelings about his celebrity as "The World's Greatest Freak". Johnny lived a full, productive, creative life, but I guess we'll never know.

Finally: There's nothing wrong with being a collector, a fan, and obsessed hoarder of memorabilia, property, and used Q-Tips.
It's another thing, however, to be all of those things while at the same time claiming to be an "historian', "Curator", and "Preservationist." Choose one, sir, and either bring your fabulous collection out of the barn to place in a permanent museum collection somewhere, or your own commercial Freakshow gallery. Nothing wrong with either. Just can't have it both ways.
( Next time, Give the boys top billing instead your museum, and show some taste with the Glow-In-The-Dark ink.)
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