07 June 2008

One of my guns


This is one of my guns. It is not my only gun, but it is one of my favorites. It’s a five-shot Smith & Wesson .38 Special +p, Model 642, if you’re interested in that. The “+p” indicates that it is more powerful than the traditional .38 Special, somewhere between the .38 Special and the .357 Magnum in power. Out of its stubby 2” barrel, it will kick out a 135 grain hollow point at 900 feet per second. That’s generally enough to ruin anyone’s day.

This little gun is pretty much my constant companion, and no, I don’t fly on airlines because I can’t take it with me on the plane and I don’t like to check it through in my baggage. The airlines steal your guns.

Spare me the gun control lectures. You’re pouring water on a duck’s back. When you are alone against people who mean to do you harm, there is nothing like a gun to level the playing field and convince Mr. Evildoer to choose a different course of action. You don’t actually have to shoot anyone most of the time; just put the idea in their mind. I’ve been there, so don’t expect me to give up my gun for someone else’s vision of a social utopia. I don’t have the time to wait around for that.

I hope Mr. Obama is reading this.

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