05 June 2008

Someday When I'm Rich

I'm not sure there is anything worse than morbid sentimentality, cliche, and trite expression. Having said that, I guess I need to learn to better Live and Let Live. I suppose what it comes down to, is that if it means enough to you, it's okay.

I have carried this photograph with me everywhere I have gone for the last 20+ years. I've had it in its old school Agfa-Gevaert photo paper box, the same box I put it in when my mom gave it to me. I hadn't planned on getting it out anytime soon, because there is nothing I'll allow to be done with it until I can afford a genuine restoration. What got me going on this, is when I was awestruck, (again), by the Steichen portrait that I posted with Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge a while back. Now mind you, this is no Steichen, but it is one of the first portraits to ever move me, and it's not bad. It doesn't matter that it's my grandfather. It's a portrait that can do things to some folks. Wouldn't you like to have a portrait something like this, instead of fake trees and a split-rail fence at Sears and Roebuck?

Okay, so He's with me all the time. In my head, everywhere. So who needs a damn photograph?

(End of sentimental transmission.)
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maud said...

LOVELY portrait and a great post. I have nothing else to add, you said it all.

Hillbilly said...

thanks. i need steichen's shade to wink back now.

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