22 May 2008

Okay Human, No Art To Be Had Here

Eugene, Thomas, and Killer. 7-11, 5:30 this morning.

Okay, I was half-asleep, had an empty tank, and I had to get a few drops or I wouldn't make it the 6 blocks to get coffee and a bite to eat. Now, what would you think if you trundled down to the gas station at dawn, (stumbling and feeble, I admit), and discovered 2 dudes and a giant Rottweiler, (sp?), lounging, (at 5:30 am), on the apron next to the pumps? Well, I did my business, and then gently wandered over their way. "Don't get too close son" was the order, and killer gave me a nasty look. Instead of being some great twisted story, it turns out that some monkey at the MinI dealership, (with 7-11), had posted a coupon on their website redeemable for free gas. (You know about Americans and free crap?). They were very nice dudes, and let me do my thing. So did Killer. THERE IS NO PICTURE HERE. Even with some exotic back-story, it still would be nothing more than a cute visual, absolutely nothing more. I'm going back to bed.
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maud said...

I would give you all the best bones, Killer, and then take you to doga practice. (no kidding.) and guess who overslept and missed that 11 am-programme? hm.

Hillbilly said...

ah, you needed to sleep, (i slept about 1.5hrs...arrrgh!) rest-up, and Mo will surely tell us when you can see it again. :) PS: i want a Lurcher Castle too.

Anne said...

a Rottweiler named after Jerry Lee Lewis is kind of cute though

Hillbilly said...

my friend Gertie takes her human to go swimming in the heated pool, and lounging in the spa. (Gertie has Arthuritis pretty bad.) Then it's down the hall to get a nice massage from that nice looking young man, while her human jealously looks on.

Ginger and Lucy are very envious.

I kid you not.

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