19 May 2008

Hell, If I Had Known That...

The lovely Brown Rat, via Noble Pest Dot Com

The Rat (nezumi)

1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008

Turns out I'm a Rat. A Metal-Rat, to be precise. I never paid much attention to the Asian zodiac, but something just caught my attention in passing. Turns out that my entire life can be explained in four sentences: "According to tradition, Rats often carry heavy karma and at some point in life may face an identity crisis or some kind of feeling of guilt. Rats are said to often have to work very long and hard for everything they may earn or have in life. However, a Rat born during the day is said to have things a bit easier than those who are born at night. Traditionally, Rats born during the night may face extreme hardships and suffering throughout life." (Now that's a bit dramatic, don't you think?)

Furthermore: " It is important to remember that rat people desperately want and need to be understood and others would be wise not to push or corner them, since those born in the Year of the Rat jealously guard their privacy."

Whew, I sure am glad we finally got that cleared up, It's like going to the palm reader over the phone. There's always just enough truth to make it plausible. I'm free! I'm set free!
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