28 May 2008

My Cowboy Hat

The Hat

This is my cowboy hat. Now, before you go and say a bunch of cruel things about my hat, I feel that it is only fair to inform you that I am a natural-born Texan and will not suffer any abuse about my hat. This is a real cowboy hat, not one of those squirrely plastic or leather things with a bunch of costume jewelry around the band. This is the kind of hat that real Texans (and cowboys everywhere) wear. It is straw with an open weave in the crown to allow air to move through and cool your head. The reason you wear these hats is not to make all the city folk stare at you when you go into town, although they do and it's kind'a fun. You wear them because they work. Notice the big shadow on my shoulders. That's the hat. It keeps the sun off and keeps you from collapsing with sun stroke. When you wear this hat, no one is going to mistake you for one of those baggy pants buttheads who can't figure out how to put on a baseball cap. But then, "My heroes have always been cowboys."

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