16 May 2008

Don't Forget to Remember [Them]

Pyramid Publishers. Leicester, England

Okay, I admit it. As a very young kid, I thought the early stuff was pretty cool, especially Robin's Tremolo-Yodeling on songs like I Started a Joke. Fondness quickly turned to hatred when Disco rolled around, and Barry only sang in that horrible falsetto. No, I did not go see Saturday Night Fever. Or Grease. Yes, I did have shirts with big collars, and no, I did not wear loud 100% Rayon smoking jackets and a big star around my neck. Yes, my first car was 68 Mercury with lots of rust and a 400 under the hood. (And no, I don't recall Robin being a Ginger, though my black and white TV might account for that.)
PS: I'mmm-gooooooinggggg-baaaaack-tooooo-Massssssssssachooosetts-- Sing with me!
Don't Forget to Remember [Them]
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