11 May 2008

Julia Ward Howe (1819-1910)

Via Harvard University Library

While I intend to honor my mother and all the mothers of my family for everything they have done for me and for humankind, it bears noting that the original purpose of Mother's Day in the United States was charity and relief work during the Civil War by Anna Maria Jarvis, and anti-war activism and women's sufferage by Julia Ward Howe. You can read about it, here.
I will further point out that the irony will certainly NOT occur to most men, many women, and one certain Asshat who is celebrating his vacant-minded daughter's bethrothal this weekend at an "undisclosed" location in Texas. My guess is that he will wake up today with a clanging hangover, and have to visit his secret bottle of Jim Beam that is stashed in the toilet bowl tank. That is all.
Julia Ward Howe (1819-1910)
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