26 May 2008

Ms. Alice Is Back In Haiti

Image: ©Alice Smeets

She has returned to Haiti to resume documenting Haiti's impoverished, sick and outcast. She's also there to see that the money she has raised goes where it's supposed to.

Alice Smeets is a young photojournalism student from Belgium. She is smart, passionate, and full of idealism like I was at that age, But Alice seems ahead of most 20 year olds. She is a world traveler, a problem solver, and she has found her voice. It's not every 20 year old who winds up becoming fast friends with, and a student of Philip Jones Griffiths- That she knew who he was is testament enough. Hopefully she can continue to be funded, and not knuckle under to the corporate beast. Continue also to do service work, as long as it doesn't distort her pictures. And lastly to shoot more film, and stop relying on Photoshop to create a black and white image. It's just not the same. You can read Alice's Travel/Photo blog: alicesmeets.com, and btw, she is a Lightstalker.
Ms. Alice Is Back In Haiti
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