28 May 2008

The Dilemma of Grief Pictures #2

Her name was Nadia Nicole Reed, turns out she was 7.

Grief pictures shouldn't be made unless something good can come from it. That almost never happens. In this case, I was assigned to shoot everything, including invading this poor woman's home when her daughter was only dead two days. It's funny though, they always welcome you, and want to talk. I sat with one woman, (I had witnessed the recovery of her son ) , for an hour once, and she showed me his pictures, and told me all about what he was like. They sent me over there only a day after his death. She was still in shock. I have always hated it, but it was never my choice. In this case, the intern was ALWAYS sent to do what the veterans never wanted to do, and I was the intern for five months in South Florida, where there is no shortage of grief.
The Dilemma of Grief Pictures #2
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