29 May 2008

Freaks, And The Johnny Eck Museum

If you haven't already seen Freaks, go immediately and view it, here. It's one of the most fascinating pieces of art I have ever seen. Half was edited out after a huge outcry, the director's career was ruined, and it was banned in the UK for 30 years. Below is one of my favorite actors who starred in the movie, Johnny Eck. I was rumbling around last night and came upon the Johnny Eck Museum. Somebody has wheedled a bunch of memorabilia out of Johnny's family, but it is fascinating stuff just the same. The animated Johnny Eck's are awesome.
Painted Johnny

Freaks, (1932) From the Johnny Eck Museum

Freaks, And The Johnny Eck Museum
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maud said...

that site is really something!!! (http://www.johnnyeckmuseum.com)
thank you!

Anne said...

yep, I love that film too. The Museum looks good, of course I went straight to the artwork section. quite a difference in style and subjetmatter between the oaintings and drawings...:)

Hillbilly said...

sorry, folks. I didn't realize the link was broken until this morning. :)

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