20 May 2008

Man Vs. Nature, A Project/Daniel Milnor

South Tufa, 2002. From: Daniel Milnor

Daniel sent me this after we had met in Phoenix in 2001. It was Sept. 13th or 14th, I think. He and his wife Amy had driven over from LA so Daniel could do a presentation for Kodak at the paper. I wasn't exactly playing with a full deck, and things got worse as all flights by my carrier had been grounded. Even though I was un-hinged, Daniel and Amy were patient and gracious. Not only that, but Daniel is a gifted photographer, teacher, and documentarian. Look here, and here. Please also visit Daniel at The Smogranch.
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SmogRanch said...

There is nothing better than a real letter.

SmogRanch said...

Nothing better than a real letter.

Hillbilly said...


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