19 October 2008

Yvonne Gardelle Poses For Father/Sculptor Carlton 1923

January 25, 1923, Los Angeles Times photographic archive, UCLA Library Copyright Regents of the University of California, UCLA Library.
Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

Title: Yvonne Gardelle posing for her father/husband sculptor Carlton Gardelle in Los Angeles, Calif., 1923
Published caption: Actress and Model weds Sculptor. Above, Yvonne Gardelle posing as a model for Carlton Gardelle.
Publication: Los Angeles Times
Publication date: January 5, 1923
Notes: Handwriting on negative states "Mrs. Yvonne Gardelle (Posing) Mr. Gardelle (Artist)"

YIKES! Someone got confused on this one! Yvonne Gardelle was in fact Carlton Gardelle's daughter. From Silent Ladies:

From Who's Who on the Screen (1920)

Yvonne Gardelle came to the screen quite by accident. It so happens that Miss Gardelle's father is a sculptor. He was chosen to make the statues which are shown in different stages of completion in William De Mille's production, "The Prince Chap." Mr. Gardelle needed a real model to work from and Tom Meighan needed a screen model for the picture. Naturally Miss Gardelle's father chose his daughter as his model and when Mr. De Mille saw her, it immediately occurred to him that she was quite attractive enough, as well as talented enough to take the part in the screen play. Thus Miss Gardelle whose previous professional experience had been that of model, singer and dancer, has now added that of motion picture actress to her attainments.
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Anonymous said...

Yvonne was not actually Gardelle's (formerly Gardner)daughter. Yvonne was his wife.

Anonymous said...

I have a scrap-book kept by Yvonne after she left Carlton. She was adopted by him as a young girl and was his model. Later, he married her, though she did not love him. They allowed the public to think they were father and daughter (as she was raised by him for a long time). But, in fact, they were married. It was a scandal.


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