11 October 2008

The McCain Palin Mob

Do you reckon this woman, or any other genius on this video might have a few regrets about it now that their ignorance has gone viral? Probably not.

So. Do I find it pleasant to be posting so much about politics and by extension, hate and ignorance lately? No.

Here's some thoughts from someone else (via) That Girl Has Issues.:

"So maybe it's not a Sartrian problem, maybe it's the usual problem of racism always being more complicated than I think and the nausea I feel is more about existential angst over what seems like perpetual racial violence. The process of thinking through all of this madness fills me with gloom and anxiety. Now that it looks likely (though not at all certain) that Obama will win, which I hope he will, I have a quiet worry about the potential, maybe even inevitable, backlash. " (...)

"This fear about violating the private sphere, of course, has all kinds of sexual meaning. It's not your average rape story in which there is a clear villain (a la Birth of a Nation), but more like an Eve/Satan/apple story, in which the trusting party is outmaneuvered, taken advantage of, and experiences overwhelmingly dramatic consequences. I think that anti-Obama racism is rooted in a deep resentment that his mother, a white Kansan woman, produced this foreign Black boy, who somehow, through a mastery of manipulation of the public, bested everybody (including other more racially obedient white women such as Clinton and Palin) and will win the highest office in the land. Obama's mama invited the vampire of Black foreignness into the white home of America, and he seduced her, impregnated her, and their spawn has been taking over ever since."
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