07 October 2008

World's Largest Volvo Rhythm Section

Now, I SWEAR that a friend of mine sent me this today, unsolicited. I know I have pandered to my visitors in the past, but this one came to me me honestly. Enjoy.


Looks like maybe The Olle Hemmingsson Trio is the originator. this is from a year ago. It's a different Volvo tractor, but it's got beautiful lakes, countryside, and better hillbilly music. I suppose now that I'll hear that this is an old tradition spanning decades, and that as usual, I am behind the curve. If so, I still think it's the greatest thing since sliced bread. Yeehaw!

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maudkristina said...

OMG, I am sending this to the parentals, pronto. :D
Yay for Olle and the boys! And the tractors too, naturally.

Anne said...


Hillbilly said...

thanks to deities that be for sending me these... Olle and the Norse New Wavers are helping to distract me from the insanity of you-know-who.[s]

time to offer another sacrifice to the gods of humor and culture!

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