14 October 2008

Remember Bloody Sunday?

March 7, 1965 "Bloody Sunday" The poor bastard on the right who is being bloodied is John Lewis, then just 23, and a voting rights activist. (ironic, isn't it?). Lewis is now a Representative in Congress from the state of Georgia, and is the John Lewis referenced in the video by Keith Olbermann. His statement about the overt racism and incitement to violence that McCain and Palin hate speech is causing, is HERE.

John McCain's meek duality and the continuing hate speech my Governor Palin speaks for itself. There are examples of McCain being startled at the shouts of "Terrrorist!" and doing and saying NOTHING. Anyone with any sense knows where this leads.

We'll see if McCain's hollow claims and whining that he is a victim at the debate have any bearing.

I'd love to keep everything posted here warm and fluffy, but I can't.
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