12 October 2008

Quickly Put An End To His Violent Outburst

1950's Thorazine ad from deco dog (Could pass for a Pulp cover, n'est ce pas?)

Recently, the folks over at Uncertain Times posted a link to the gallery of psychiatric art, from Japan. They actually apharmaceutical ads, and mostly it looks like from the big US and European drug makers. I had never seen any ads from Japan, and truthfully, I find them to be a little different and on the artsy side, but essentially, they are ads for psychiatric drugs that are just presented with a little cultural twist. I'll let someone else figure out the nuances.

There is a HUGE amount of this stuff available online now, in contrast to hunting around I used to have to do. It's almost too much. below are the richest sources that I found this week when I had to find my favorite, (Pulp cover, above). One of the links might overwhelm and frighten you, as it is a deep discussion and database for " ICONOGRAPHY OF CONTAGION: AN ESSAY IN PICTURES", and as an example of one crazy topic, "MASS MEDIA MIND CONTROL AND THE HERD MENTALITY".

  • decodog.com, a commercial site for collectors and researchers to buy vintage advertising and ephemera online.
  • Whispering Ibis Flickr Set About 60 files that are a good representation of what's out there currently.
  • Mind Hacks, One my favorite Psych blogs.
  • Panther Househas a few files with decent resolution.
  • Lemon Basket #481/July2008 Oh my goodness tie yourself to the desk before you visit here. I nearly didn't make it out. An incredible resource of links and dilemma and discussion provoking material. Good luck.
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    Anne said...

    Yes sir, that Japanese gallery is pretty awesome.

    maudkristina said...

    thank you for all these links, I'm happily lost

    Hillbilly said...

    (chuckling) be mindful to send us a note from time to time... actually, I haven't even begun to make it too far in. the one has me a little spooked. :)

    John M. said...

    I see what you mean.

    I'm still mulling through this.

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