11 October 2008

[We] Obama Knew It Was Coming All Along

Of course, this is a very reasonable way to point out what has been happening in this country for 20 months. Until this past week, the McCain campaign was happy to have surrogates and proxies do the heavy lifting of racism. We all knew that the McCain campaign would find themselves in this position, regardless of the financial climate. It's also proof to me, as most of us suspected from the beginning, that this is the final stage of the McCain campaign's purpose for Sarah Palin in her role as sacrificial lamb. She has embraced her duties with religious fervor, even as she destroys what's left of her political career. How is it that Sarah Palin signed on to a program whose main premise was sexism and racism, which required her to literally become the object of ridicule, and then to have her happily self-destruct? She's been used-up, and she has seemed happy to oblige. I have my own suspicions, but I'm going to leave this one up to the social scientists and those who study race and gender in particular.
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