25 October 2008

Pete Seeger: Mary Wore Three Links Of Chain, Every Link Was Freedom's Name

(Photographer and source not provided, sorry.) via: If Charlie Parker Was Gunslinger

I was immediately reminded of this picture as being relevant, given the chilling pronouncements about "Anti-Americans" uttered by Michele Bachman, Sarah Palin and Robin Davies, (among others), in the last several days. As you might recall, Bachman, who is a Republican member of congress claimed that the Democratic nominee, very likely was Anti-American, and for good measure, called for the Press to investigate other members of Congress to see if they might be "Anti-America, or Pro-America". Sound familiar?

New York (1955)-- Banjo-playing folk singer Pete Seeger, 36, appears at the House Un-American Activities Committee, (HUAC), hearing August 18th in New York, as the committee continued its investigation into the entertainment industry. Seeger said the committee had no right to pry into his personal affairs. he said he loves his country "very dearly" and insisted he has never done anything of a conspiratorial nature. Otherwise he declined to answer questions. Here Seeger shows what he is best at, playing banjo and heartily singing.

Note: Bruce Springsteen recorded this traditional song with The Seeger Sessions Band during the "Seeger Sessions". The song is included on Bruce's 2006 cover album, We Shall Overcome - The Seeger Sessions. See: The Lebanese Tribute To Bruce Springsteen

Oh Mary Don't You Weep-Pete Seeger

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