26 October 2008

Metaphysical Self-Trepantion Self-Portrait By Painter Madeline Von Foerster

Self-Trepanation Self-Portrait (2005) Madeline Von Foerster.com

"During a previous period of depression in my life, I often experienced a severe sensation of pressure in my cranium. It sometimes felt so unbearable I wished I had a hole in my head! A friend told me, "Maybe you just need to be trepannated!" It was a revelation to discover that this surgery existed and was used therapeutically for centuries. My depression later abated and I never pursued that treatment, but my interest continued and I was compelled to make this painting.
I guess it is a "metaphysical" rather than medical interpretation of trepanation, since I am having the surgery performed by a non-corporeal version of myself...I hope you find it interesting..."

I actually had visited this beauty some months ago. Here's a great starter article on this subject by our friend Mo: An illustrated History of Trepanation from 2007. Ms. Von Foerster recently left the above comment on that post.
Metaphysical Self-Trepantion Self-Portrait By Painter Madeline Von FoersterSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend


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