04 December 2008

Young Girl In Dorthea Lange's "Migrant Mother" FSA Photograph (1936) Located

77 year-old Katherine McIntosh, of Modesto, California

Copyright Dorthea Lange via Wikimedia and LOC

You may recall the famous photograph known as “Migrant Mother”, taken by Dorothea Lange of Florence Owens Thompson and her children in 1936. It was used over the years to illustrate the Great Depression. Thompson was a migrant worker with seven children who also worked the fields. 77-year-old Katherine McIntosh was the girl burying her head in her mother’s shoulders in the photo. She was four years old at the time.

    “The picture came out in the paper to show the people what hard times was. People was starving in that camp. There was no food,” she says. “We were ashamed of it. We didn’t want no one to know who we were.”

    The photograph helped define the Great Depression, yet McIntosh says her mom didn’t let it define her, although the picture “was always talked about in our family.”

    “It always stayed with her. She always wanted a better life, you know.”

McIntosh talked to CNN about what her life was like in those days. She now lives in Modesto, California. Link -Thanks, Geekazoid!

(image credit: Gregg Canes/CNN)(Dorthea Lange/Migrant Mother Photograph:Wikimedia: Library Of Congress
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