06 December 2008

No Air Conditioning And Plenty Of Grief

This is Nicole Reed's cousin. She was overcome with grief and the extreme heat in the church where they held her cousin's wake. Refresher: 7 year-old, playing in the street, add 2 gangs who sell dope having a dispute. Add some guns. what do you get? You get a 7 year-old girl with a bullet in the back, and a huge sucking chest wound in the front.

My apologies. As I commented with the others, I had a particular conflict over covering grief in an appropriate way to educate the public, and publishing pictures of death purely for death's sake. Scanning in this ancient history is a bit of catharsis, I suppose. I am almost finished with this take, and can move on to happier subjects. It's taken a few months to post it here and there.
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Mikes said...

Air conditions are necessary now. In the hot summer it's impossible to think without them.

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Hillbilly said...

fuck-off mikes.

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