20 December 2008

Fort Duffield

Ft. Duffield

Fort Duffield was a Union installation set on seven steep hills overlooking West Point, Kentucky. It guarded the Union supply depot at West Point on the Ohio River. At one point, a full brigade of troops was garrisoned here, mostly Michigan regulars, although there were elements from Wisconsin and Indiana. We went up there to shoot pictures. I had assumed, before I climbed the hill, that the canons at the fort would be aimed at the river, but they weren’t. There are no canons at the fort now, but during the war, the redoubt faced inland and the canons were aimed toward Kentucky. In the War Between the States, Kentucky was largely sympathetic to the South, although the legislature refused to vote for secession. The mission of Fort Duffield was to protect the supply depot and the Louisville-Nashville turnpike from the Confederates….

Ft. Duffield2…Local ghost hunters AfterDark have done “investigations” on Fort Duffield and believe that the site is haunted. I didn’t see any ghosts when I was up there, but I like to keep an open mind on such things. I do think there is more to this world than meets the eye. Whenever a place is the site of great suffering, death, sorrow or other intense human emotions, it retains an image or echo of that energy. Sensitive persons can feel it, and if you want to call that a haunting, I’m OK with that….

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Hillbilly said...

this is really cool. I have always been fascinated with the "Border State" Psychology. I need to do more research on Cave Hill an that site where I used live on Everett. Conf. hospital at one time, I was told.

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