01 December 2008

Silent Picture Star June Marlowe, 1925

June Marlowe, (1925) (sorry, that's all I have on this one). I'll try.

June Marlowe (November 6, 1903 – March 10, 1984), was an American actress, who appeared in six Our Gang short subjects as the lovely schoolteacher, Miss Crabtree.

Marlowe was born Gisela Goetten, of German [?!], in St. Cloud, Minnesota. She was a prolific actress in silent films during the 1920s, appearing in films opposite John Barrymore and Rin Tin Tin. Her career did well, until the introduction of talking pictures. Marlowe didn't make an easy transition, and by 1930 was starting to drift away from acting.

By chance, she happened to meet Our Gang director Robert F. McGowan one day in a Los Angeles, California department store. McGowan was searching for an actress to portray the schoolteacher in the Our Gang series of children's comedies. After producer Hal Roach suggested that Marlowe, a brunette, wear a blonde wig to match the hair of the lead kid i nthe series, Jackie Cooper, she was given the part.

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