05 December 2008

Kurt, Kittens, And Polaroids

Sorry, there was absolutely nothing with this one. I got it from a Tumblr that I no longer follow, and this is one of the main reasons. What pushed me over the edge was a post from her a couple of days ago:

(To my Real Tumblr friends: Sorry)

"Are tumblrs Different Than Bloggers?" (I couldn't have possibly made this up)

"One of my favorite things about people who use Tumblr is that they seem to be more mature and educated,"

" Hmmm to put it bluntly, tumblrs tend to be a lot more hip than the average blogger."

" You won’t generally find mommy tumblrs like you do mommy bloggers. "

"Oh, and tumblrs LOVE music. Especially the indie stuff you probably haven’t heard yet."

If you saw this Tumblr after reading the above assessment, you might actually hurt yourself by laughing hysterically.
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