20 December 2008

Circus Knie, Photographed By Lawrence Migdale, (1976) George Eastman House Collection

Migdale, Lawrence
American (b. South Africa, 1951-)

DESCRIPTIVE TITLE: Portrait of Male Circus Performer-Circus Knie

gelatin silver print
13.6 x 20.1 cm.
Museum Purchase

EXHIBITION HISTORY: "Lawrence Migdale", England, London, Half Moon Gallery, July - August, 1976.//
copyright, Lawrence Migdale
NOTES: Circus Knie is the Swiss National Circus. Catalogued 5/90, MMC.
SUBJECT: portrait, male

George Eastman House
Circus Knie, Photographed By Lawrence Migdale, (1976) George Eastman House CollectionSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend


Syd said...

This guy creeps me out.

Hillbilly said...

That's why I chose it. There's about 15 pictures in this story. On the whole, it's really nice.I can't get the Divshare slideshows to work reliably, otherwise I would post several pix of a story that way. Of course, the LIFE archives begs that sort-of treatment.

John M. said...

Weren't there a lot of circuses that wintered down by you?

A friend of mine who splits time between Jax and Orlando told me that back in the day, there were circus types all over the place.

Hillbilly said...

I haven't lived here long enough to know. I lived in Kentucky for a long time, and there were only tons of Carny type things. Barnum and Bailey always came to Louisville, it being the only city large enough for a real circus. The Carny culture is pretty weird.

Might your friend be referring to all of the freaks who come to Disney from all points to make a buck?

John M. said...

Actually, he told me that they wintered down there and after a lot of the circuses started going under, they stayed in that area.

Hillbilly said...

that had not occurred to me. makes perfect sense. I would like to find 'em.

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