26 November 2008

Trojan Cleaner – Not Guns But Important

Yeah, I was being a bad boy – I was trying to find a keygen for a piece of software that is no longer sold, supported or available from any source, Sound Forge 6. This is a helpful audio utility, and I had misplaced my installation disk. Regardless, I went searching for a keygen – a piece of software that generates serial numbers – and I paid the price. I downloaded one “keygen” that turned out to be a Trojan, and suddenly, my brand new Core Duo Quad was infected with a nasty damned Trojan program. My anti-virus program, BitDefender, kept the Trojan from completely installing itself, but it couldn’t remove it.

I searched and searched and searched. Finally, I found Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. This program is shareware. It works completely in the freeware form. I downloaded the free version of Anti-Malware, ran it, and it successfully cleaned the Trojan off of my computer.

Folks, this thing worked so well, and cleaned up my computer so well, that I paid the $24.95 to register the program just from simple appreciation for what these folks are doing. I didn’t have to. The freeware version did the job, and I could have slinked away into the darkness with all the goodies without paying a dime. Having suffered Trojan infections before, I know how difficult it is to remove some of these things, and to be honest, $24.95 is more than fair for getting one of these things out of your hair. I would have paid more.

So, if your computer is acting weird, you browser directing you to sites you don’t want to go to, your anti-virus programs going crazy, check out Malwarebytes. These folks deserve our support.

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John M. said...

Duly noted.

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