11 November 2008

Another Ridiculous "Death Of Blogging" Item, And A Reasoned Response

I have found my finger on this button 2-or-3 times since I started blogging roughly seven months ago. It has been the sense of community, (however small) , and a few people who found something worth looking at, that brought me back from the precipice.

A good friend, (who happens to be an unpretentious veteran blogger), finally convinced me with the notion that we all have something to offer, given that our motivations are sincere. Others have simply shown interest, been supportive, or both.

That, along with commentary like this,(an excerpt), from Uncertain Times:

"(…)these specious "death of blogging" items are the products of bloggers that are out of touch, misinformed and running out of material. What is truly passé is tired masturbatory ranting about the death of the blogosphere.

The only reason I stoop to blog about blogging is that I'd like to see young people and newcomers greeted with the notion of "the life of blogging" - arriving to find unfurrowed fields of potential so that we can enjoy what their unique minds have to share. Remember, the rest of the world is coming online, individual by individual, and I'm sure they are going to have something to say.

Perhaps this new era we find ourselves in might also be reflected in how we interact and share our experiences and outlooks online - for it is indeed time for change. Time to slough off the fluff and keep on."

Thanks guys.
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John M. said...

You're welcome. Rock on.

When I started, back in February, I though it would be nice to be part of the blogging community, not really knowing what that was.

After being exposed to it for a while, I became quite discouraged and even considered walking away from it. My situation was much the same as yours. A few veterans and a few readers kept me going.

After a while, I really didn't want to be a part of the clique that was on the top of the heap. I just left the heap altogether and I'm happier for it.

Most bloggers won't say what I did, and have in the past, because they're afraid they'll ruin their chances to be linked to by Boing Boing or some other popular uber-mega-blog. It's like watching the villagers cower in a Sergio Leone western.

When things are chugging along normally everything is fine, they're with me all the way. When I mouth off, they are nowhere to be found. The streets are empty.

Thanks for your support, it is greatly appreciated.

Hillbilly said...

LoL. I mouth off about different things, but the principle is still quite the same. Perhaps the stakes here are higher than blowing a link to Boing Boing. In either case, that's no excuse to run and hide.


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