28 November 2008

'Portrait Of Sarah' Winner, (People) National Geographic Annual Photo Contest (2008)

People Winner:

Portrait of Sarah, age 27

Judges' Comments:
This enigmatic shot is "timeless‚ and has a beautiful simplicity with no pretense," says Monica Corcoran, senior photo producer at National Geographic Digital Media. "I keep looking at the portrait and wondering about this woman," says freelance photojournalist Tyrone Turner. For National Geographic magazine senior photo editor Susan Welchman, "the ambiguous, mysterious style also frees the viewer from knowing when or what time period it was shot. Or is it a painting? All unknowns release the viewer from facts and encourage interpretation."

Photo by Joshua Monaghan

National Geographic Society Annual Photo Contest (2008)
'Portrait Of Sarah' Winner, (People) National Geographic Annual Photo Contest (2008)SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend


John M. said...

The photo of the girl with the mirror is heartbreaking. Couldn't post it.

Hillbilly said...

yeah, it's a powerful image.

I was struck by the kinship it has with this:


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