24 November 2008

Rare George Harrison Interview Surfaces- Life, And The World According To The Quiet Beatle

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The quiet ones are always vindicated in the end. I'd like to get my paws on this one.


BBC: Candid and revealing interview with Beatles Guitarist George Harrison has come to light after 40 years.

The reel-to-reel tapes have been stored by former journalist Miranda Ward since she talked to Harrison in 1967.

Film director David Lambert, who has heard the recordings, said: “It was really the meaning of life according to George Harrison in 1967.”

He discussed subjects including Eastern mysticism, politics, Britain’s drink culture and drug use, Mr Lambert said.

He heard the tapes while making a documentary about the Magical Mystery Tour film.

He said: “It was only a brief chat about that, but he went on and discussed all aspects of life and the way he viewed it at the time.”

Harrison is often referred to as the “quiet” Beatle and Miranda Ward was a friend of the group at the time.

Mr Lambert said: “He covers all aspects of things, the Eastern mysticism, he was very involved at the time with the Maharishi [Mahesh Yogi].

“Then he goes on to talk about the drink culture of Great Britain which in 1967, from how he describes it, seems exactly as it is today.

“He talks about use of drugs and how certain politicians tend to rule the world and rule our lives.”

Mr Lambert only used a small section of the interview in his film, The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour Memories, and said the rest of was “pretty controversial”.

But he added: “I think you’ll actually look at George and think, ‘The guy really is talking a lot of sense and people should have listened possibly at the time’.

“He wasn’t one to talk about these things. If you listened to it, you would fully expect someone like John [Lennon] to be doing the interview.”

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