02 September 2008

Temple? We Got Temple! (and altar too!)

The Baboon in chief spoke tonight to Republican National Convention via satellite, flanked by huge granite columns. Above is the set for his acceptance speech for the 2004 presidential nomination, replete with altar. Kinda makes Obama's ascension look kind of puny, don't it?

The only weeping I saw last week, was during Senator Clinton's speech, and rightly so. No fainting, no sobbing, no fascist salutes. I believe John Kerry pontificated before 100,000 worshipers in 2004. So far as I know, he hasn't built any gulags or reeducation camps since.
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Syd said...

Yup. American politics has gone down the MTV crapper. I hear New Zealand is lovely this time of year. I don't like these altars and pagan spectacles. It's getting us into a dangerous region of the collective unconscious. Politicians are politicians, not gods, and they should be treated accordingly.

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