28 September 2008

Half A Rose, (And Half A Buck)

Rose Maddox, 1947, age 19. Rockabilly Hall Of Fame

Rose Maddox began her music career with her brothers at age 11, billed as, "The Maddox Brothers And Rose". Most folks have this duet, (Mental Cruelty, 1964), with Buck Owens in their catalog , but few know all that much about Rose Maddox, and the profound influence she had on her contemporaries and future country music giants. I couldn't find a picture with Rose and Buck together, so I guess it's actually fitting.

"[Rose] hit it big after World War II when she toured with her four brothers as The Maddox Brothers and Rose. They were billed as "The Most Colorful Hillbilly Band in America."

Maddox had a reputation as a lusty firebrand, with uptempo songs such as "Hangover Blues" and "Pay Me Alimony." Her musical styles ranged from hillbilly to rockabilly to gospel.
Known for her colorful Western costumes, Maddox once shocked a Grand Ole Opry audience by appearing on stage with a bare midriff, a stark contrast to her sometimes staid female contemporaries. "

"Kitty Wells would stand up there and not even
move," said biographer Jonny Whitesides. "Rose
would get on stage and high-kick and
shimmy-shake. That drove people crazy."

Associated Press Obituary, Via : ElvisPelvis.com/Fuller up Dead Musicians Directory

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