19 September 2008

How to get the power company to turn your juice back on

Hurricane Ike kicked our butts, and I’m in Louisville, Kentucky. The ornery old bastard swung up to our country after it finished with Texas and Louisiana. On Sunday we were suddenly hit with 80 MPH+ winds, and our huge maples and tulip poplars came tumbling down on the power lines. Don’t think I’m making any comparisons with Galveston because I’m not, but we were without power for six days. I have never been without electricity that long in my whole life. It was a revelation. I can’t imagine what the folks in south Texas and Louisiana are going through. If our misery was only a minute fraction of theirs, my prayers are with them tonight.

But, I’ll tell you what: this storm has opened my eyes. It puts a whole new spin on those interesting speculations that we do about survival and “WTSHTF” scenarios. I’ll be doing some more on this in the days to come. I spent a lot of time doing audio recordings, verbal journals of what was happening. I’ll post some of those as I’m able to process through them.

Oh yeah, how do you get the power company to turn your power back on? Get really desperate, go to Home Depot and lay down $800 for a 5000 watt generator, and when you get home, your lights will be on.


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Hillbilly said...

I will NEVER be cavalier about Hurricanes ever again. Had Ike made landfall anywhere on the coast of Florida, well, forget it. I don't know if my sis has power back or not.
I don't suppose you can take that thing back?

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