29 September 2008

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These poor little bastards were cast-out just across the street, and down one

Okay. This sort of thing is getting to be a freaking regular occurrence. A case of Ergo-Gnomics?

My new friend Betty emerged from behind her garage door just after I arrived on the scene. She looked to be an octigenerian, with gnarled hands, black teeth, and a huge, infectious smile.

  • "I'm unable to take care of them any more. They need paint, too".
  • "It sure is nice to know someone on this street."
  • " I used to know everyone on the street, but not anymore."
  • "I have lived in this house since 1951."
  • "I know the people next door, but I'm afraid they were taken off to a retirement home."
  • "If you have a place for them, you may have them."

    Wow. A little bit more than I bargained for, but pretty much to the heart of the matter. Verbatim.
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    maudkristina said...

    ohmygoodness- too much. too much!!

    Anne said...

    Have they found a new home now with the kind lord Hillbilly?

    Hillbilly said...


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