13 February 2010

Who is the cutest? (3)

via: Beauty OF The Past

Saskia's original post:

"Call it fate... A while ago, I found a photo I immediately fell in love with, showing a cute little girl with her adorable dog.


By coincidence, I stumbled across two more pics of the lovely duo on one of my research-nights at ebay. I was SO happy to find them and had to buy them immediately. Those are the moments that every collector's heart loves and this is that makes our passion so exciting.
Photo taken around 1900. Photographer unknown."
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Stacy said...

What kind of dog is this? There's one that plays at the dog park by my place and he's so happy.

I call him unicorn dog because he looks so mythological.

*hbxx* said...

Nice to see you!

It's called a "Borzoi." I don't know anything about them, but they remind me of "Lurchers" which is a cross between a Greyhound and a Terrier, usually found in England and Europe.

I'm going to Google it, but my guess is that it may be a variation of a Russian Wolfhound.

I love any pointy-nose breed. :) A rescue Greyhound is on my short-list if I can ever get in a situation stable enough for a dog...

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