09 February 2010

Burger King Fox

Burger King Fox, originally uploaded by Dave A C.

These foxes are begging in the car park of Burger King, Braehend, Glasgow.
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bijou living said...

what a gorgeous fox and a rather unfortunate situation.
Damn humans.

Hillbilly said...

yes. :(

i encountered one of these once when i was a teen. we startled each-other and we stood very still for a while.
i'll never forget it.

Christine H. said...

My parents used to have some resident foxes around their house. One of them would sleep in my mother's flower box in front of the living room window. She never had much success with the flowers, so it didn't matter. Then the foxes succumbed to some disease (distemper?) Their existence seems so fleeting.

Julie Schuler said...

I wonder we don't see more foxes around here. Unless they are very sneaky. There seems ample food.

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