27 February 2010

Unhappy Bob 1960s Vintage Kodachrome Slides

2.10ND007 Unhappy Bob, Bridesmaid Janice and Wildcat Aunt

Introducing: Bob. Bob was kind of a melancholy looking kid.
Bob was Janice's steady in high school and college, and they went to every dance and party you can think of- Bob was like part of the family. Bob eventually pinned Janice. I have no idea whether Janice got to go to college or not, but in some of the pictures, you can clearly see his fraternity pin on her breast.

Okay, we're in the home-stretch of Janice's adolescence.

This group of slides were taken between about 1957 and 1963. Janice turned 17 in 1959.

Janice was Vicky's older sister, and of course, with most first-born children, they get most of the pub.

Janice's artsy mom photographer that took those awesome pictures of Vicky, and the other cool pictures in the Long Beach Set, documented Janice's adolescence and subsequent marriage.
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Christine H. said...

It looks to me like they may have been making a joke at Bob's expense. But my issue with Bob, besides the fact that he always looks so pathetic, is that when he looks like he's afraid to put his arm around her.

*hbxx* said...

Well, yes. But a serious joke at that. It's: " Bob, when you going to make Janice a happy bride like her cousin was today? Huh Bob, when?" They want Bob to marry her already.

Actually, if you look at all of the pictures of the pair, this is the only one where Janice does any better. In all of the pictures, they are both very tentative. She always has a luke-warm grasp on his hand. I'll have to ask my mom about the etiquette of this period.

This mother seems like she is in control at all times- I think that might contribute to Bob's already being a milquetoast.

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