19 February 2010

Janice's Knees 1960s Vintage Kodachrome Slides

2.10ND011bx Janice's Knees

I don't know what that paper thing is, but this is a pretty short dress for a normally conservative Janice, and looks like upholstery fabric leftovers.

[5 new slides tonight] More daily. This group of slides were taken between about 1957 and 1963. Janice turned 17 in 1959.

Janice was Vicky's older sister, and of course, with most first-born children, they get most of the pub.

Janice's artsy mom photographer that took those awesome pictures of Vicky, and the other cool pictures in the Long Beach Set, documented Janice's adolescence and subsequent marriage.

#It's the one-year anniversary of my flickr PRO acct. and roughly the beginning of vintage uploads here... I wanted to thank everyone for all of your visits, faves, comments and support. Hurrah!#
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Christine H. said...

Just a wild guess, but I wonder if the dress was a Home-Ec project (shorter, because Mom didn't buy it.) The piece of paper could be some sort of Home-Ec award?

Hillbilly said...

You may be on to something there... It looks a little more crude than most of the others... the fabric looks similar to this frock of Vicky's, which Julie suggested looked handmade.

They had home-ec for boy's in HS, but I didn't take it.

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